Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Consolidated Shipping: What You Need to Know

Combining multiple less than load shipments and turning them into a single truck shipment is called a consolidated shipment. It allows the shippers to get extra income, and it gives them the capability to earn using their preferred rates. It is also beneficial to the logistics of the supply chain by reducing the cost of the shipment and saving more time. Consolidated shipment is the ideal form of freight transport especially for those who are sending small packages that would only fit in small containers. These small packages would come from different places, and to avoid paying higher rates by transporting them one after another, these packages will be collected into a single shipment. Consolidated shipment is very important in the industry of freight transportation, and learning how to use them in the right place and time would save the shippers a lot of money.

One of the benefits of consolidated shipping is that it is cost effective. Shippers see the cost effectiveness of consolidated shipment as its most important benefit. Cheap moving boxes is what most of the people would prefer, because they would only have to pay a small amount in order to ship their packages. Normally, when there are small packages coming into a shipping facility that will be delivered in a single location, the shipper would consolidate them into a single trailer. Delivering them single handedly would cost more, because even if the package occupies a small space inside the trailer, the whole thing must be paid out. However, if all of the small packages will be fitted inside the trailer, more money would be saved.

Another benefit of consolidated shipment is that it will reduce the damage to the package. No matter how advanced the industry is today, there are still packages which suffer damages, and it is still a big issue for moving companies. With consolidated shipment, the risk of damage for the item lowers down, because it limits the on-loading and the off-loading of the items between three individuals – the shippers, the facility for consolidation shipment, and the receiver of the item. With consolidated shipment being handled by three individuals only, it also gives the receivers the ability to control the goods as soon as it is delivered by the shipper. If there are any issues with the product quality, the consolidation facility will alert the receiver as soon as possible, so that they can request for a product replacement and save more time and money.

Despite the benefits that consolidated shipment promises, there are still challenges to this wonderful method. One of the challenges of consolidated shipment would be the limited number of companies willing to perform this service. There are only a few companies who are offering consolidation shipment, because of the complexity and the additional effort that has to be exerted in performing this task. An individual also has to know the considerable rates when transporting a shipment through consolidation so that they will not be overcharged. It also requires the shippers to study the practice first before trying it, because there are times wherein shippers spend more time planning how to consolidate a shipment, compared to the time spent when using a regular shipping method. Consolidated shipment is very complex, and before someone would try using the method, they would have to study it first to determine if it will work for them.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Benefits of Using Foam Packaging Solutions

Proper packaging of goods for storage or shipping is tantamount to ensuring that the goods remain in good condition. To avoid incurring substantial losses, a manufacturer, retailer, or supplier has to ensure that the goods are well protected from physical impacts, damage due to exposure to adverse weather conditions, and attacks from animals or rodents. Most businesspeople are switching to foam packaging solutions because of the following reasons:

Environment Friendly
The manufacturing process of foam packaging options doesn't emit any pollutants to the atmosphere that may cause air pollution or contribute to global warming. The packaging option is reusable, which means that a trader can choose to reuse the packaging, hence cutting down on the amount of refuse being disposed. The packaging is degradable and doesn't have any negative effects on the ecosystem. Packaging solutions that are made of non-biodegradable materials can be harmful to both trees and animal habitats.

Simple and convenient
The overall processes of foam packaging are very simple and can be handled even by the most unskilled workers. A shipping company doesn't have to conduct specialized employee training programs when it introduces foam packaging into its shipping supplies operations. It's also convenient because workers in the packaging department will take lesser time to execute packaging projects than when using more complex packaging options. It's much easier for workers to load and unload the packaged goods because the foam can take up the different shapes of your various goods. It's not so messy for the packaging crew and the people at the receiver's end to handle this packaging as compared to other options like shredded paper.


With foam packaging, you can conveniently package a wide range of goods regardless of their shape, size, color, and weight. In other words, foam packaging fits a wide variety of packaging requirements. Furthermore, it's not only safer, but also aesthetically appealing to the eye. The molds are designed to hold various types of goods perfectly. Remember, you have the options of either choosing a sturdy foam packaging solution for hard and heaver goods or the softer foam packaging solution for brittle shipping supplies. You have to assess your packaging needs fully so as to choose an option that will suit your needs and budget.

Cost effectiveness
Since the packaging solution is reusable and convenient for holding a wide array of goods, its relative cost of production is low. Once you invest in foam packaging, you can decide to reuse it for packaging various goods, especially if your company is involved in shipping different types of consignments. Usually, the cost of transportation is calculated based on the weight of the goods on board, including packaging. The cost of transportation is generally lower because foam packaging is a lighter option as compared to other types of packaging.

Foam packaging solution is perfect for companies that are involved in shipping fragile, delicate, and valuable goods that need to be sufficiently protected from external impact. The foam acts as a cushion for protecting the packaged goods. This is the perfect way of packaging glassware, kitchenware, jewelry, and other brittle goods that may break during storage or transportation.